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Gloreha Sinfonia

Sinfonia from Gloreha

Gloreha Robotic Fingers Rehabilitation System is designed for patients with hand paresis or plegia after injuries of the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system or spinal cord. A multisensory stimulation is coupled to motor exercises and involves patients with a 3D hand animation.

Robotic Fingers Rehab

• Neuroplasticity Training with audio-visual feedback in Passive, Active-Assisted, Bilateral Training and Active Mode.
• The Dynamic Arm Support has individual sensors for each finger, providing precision and active assistance.
• Motivating Games Therapy and Data Recording

During Training.

Sinfonia demonstration from Gloreha
Sinfonia demonstration from Gloreha

Product Highlights

• Maintain & Improve Fingers Joint Range of Motion, Grip and Pinch Strength
• Enable Fingers and Wrist Rehabilitation for users with limited weight bearing or muscles with shoulder
• Improve Coordination, Dexterity and Functional Independence.
• Real-Object simulation during functional training.
• Assessment report

Gloreha Sinfonia Video

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