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Lyra from THERA-Trainer

THERA-Trainer Lyra Robotic Gait Training System is End-Effector Gait trainer designed for stroke patients in restoring walking ability. It creates the human gait pattern with help of a patented mechanics that can adapted to each patient within seconds - a crucial point to regain step by step the independence.

End-Effector Gait Training

• End-Effector: Proximal guidance at the distal tips of the limbs
• Customize training protocol with step length, speed and dynamic/ static body weight support adjustment.
• Walking analysis and controls training intensity during Activity Assessment and Interactive Phase

Lyra demonstration from THERA-Trainer
Lyra theory from THERA-Trainer

Product Highlights

• Enables highly repetitive and specific gait training as part of rehabilitation.

• Ensure a greater number of steps in earlier in rehab recovery in less than 10 minutes set up.

• Mimics Physiological Gait Pattern with patented mechanical design.

Lyra Video

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