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Inmotion from BIONIK

InMotion Arm/Hand provides robotic evaluation and treatment for patient with upper limb neurological impairments. Depending on the ability of the patient, the system can be used for passive or active training tool. Through the carefully designed training software, the patients’ deficit is clearly divided into 8 aspects of a functional ability, and improvement on each aspect is documented and correlated to clinically significant improvement with FMA-UE scoring.

Product Highlights

2-dimensional training allow patients to focus on performing repetition of functional and meaningful movement, which is crucial for neuroplasticity. With task-specific movements and assist as needed™ technology, the InMotion Robotic Therapy is safe and effective for stroke, CP, SCI, MS, PD patients to restore upper limb motor control.

Inmotion demonstration from BIONIK

​InMotion Video

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