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Ekso NR from Ekso Bionics

EksoNR is a Robotic Exoskeleton specifically designed to be used in a rehabilitation setting to progress patients with neurological conditions in relearning Standing and Walking. One important treatment goal is to achieve an independent walking - walk out of the device and back into their communities.
As the first exoskeleton FDA-cleared for acquired brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injury, EksoNR offers the industry’s most natural gait, reteaching the brain and muscles how to properly walk.

An effective & intuitive Gait Training System for rehabilitation & daily life!

Increase high-quality steps earlier in rehab recovery.
• Ensure Active Patient Engagement and Natural Gait Path
• Regain the ability in
weight shifting promote patients’ walking performance
• Improves Mobility Independence, Gait speed, Walking distance & Balance

Ekso NR demonstration from Ekso Bionics
Ekso NR outlook from Ekso Bionics

Ekso Intelligence

Data Capture: Tracks walking time, distance, and speed per session on a secure cloud dashboard for effortless monitoring.
Postural Support: 
Optimizes treatment time by enabling patients to bear their own weight with correct postural alignment.
Clinical Control: Sets training targets and adjust assistance levels for each leg independently, based on patient goals and feedback.
Smartassist Software: 
Customizes motor support for different levels of impairment in walking, from full assistance to patient-initiated movement.
Adaptive Gait Trainings: Sensors and software monitor and regulate leg movement for optimal gait patterns.
Pre-Ambulatory Tools: Includes PreGait: programs to help patients with balance, weight shifting, squatting, and stepping in place before walking.

EksoNR Video​

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