How magnetic field therapy works?

The machine produces a pulsed, positive magnetic field, of very low frequency. When a positive magnetic field penetrates the organism, positive ions within the cell are driven away from the source of the field, across the membrane. At the same time negative ions are attracted into the cell. The rate that this transfer occurs is decided by the frequency chosen. Higher frequencies produce greater ionic transfer (current) than lower frequencies. The selection of the correct frequency is therefore, quite vital to the success of the treatment with magnetic field therapy.


Mains Voltage 120V/250V on 50 Hz
Output Voltage 15V
Frequencies 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,16,17,25 and 50Hz for countries with 50Hz
Intensity From 1 to 99 gauss in one gauss steps
Power consumption Average 180 watts, maximum 300watts
Timer From 1 to 99 minutes in one minute steps.

Automatic stop with audible pulsating signal and flashing LEDs.


PMF Machine

Standard Coil Applicator


Hard Form Limb Applicator


Neck Coil Applicator


Hard Form Body Applicator