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Working Memory Training

  • Why Does Smartfit Technology Beneficial to Your Patients?

    SMARTfit technology offers a breakthrough way to improve neurological efficiency for Neurological Patients including Geriatrics or  Child population.  Especially it works very efficient in senior dementia prevention as well as offering a full range of neuro and orthopedic rehab protocols.

    SMARTfit uses gamefication to trigger high levels of engagement which speeds up neurogenesis. Current research programs include Parkinson’s, stroke, Alzheimer’s testing. Professional sports teams are also using SMARTfit to improve reaction time in athletes.

    – Improve Cognitive Ability

    – Improve Standing Stability

    – Improve Weight Shifting Ability

    – Improve Range of Motion

    – Increase Muscle Strength

    – Enhance Visuospatial Cognition

    – Improve Reaction Skills

    – Amplify Cortical Stimulation

  • How Does Smartfit Achieve the Above Training Goals?

    – Equipped with Multi-Sensory Stimulation

    – Built with 360 degree platform

    – Various Programs Working on Cognitive Training:

    Alphabet Sequencing, Colors-Matching, Memory Games, Symbols Pairing, Shape Pairing, Calculations, Numbers Sequencing

    – Various Programs Working on Balance Training During the Session:

    Sit-To-Stand, Dynamic Platform, Trunk Rotation, Overhead Reaching, Weight Shifting

    – Progress Review with Data Report


  • New Generation of Bisymm

    – To show Lateral or Bi-Lateral Support in Graphic Display

    – Measure the weight bearing load changes from the right to left side during the gait cycle

    – Real-Time Display of value support by system in exact weight or percentage of the patient

    – Improved Feedback with Tablet Based

    – Bluetooth Capable

    – Data Report Available and Export

    – Time-Trace of Support Provided

    – Goal-Setting for Patients

    – Enhance Good Postural Control

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