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  • Who needs Ekso Exoskeleton Training?

    Ekso designed to help patients stand and walk during rehabilitation, EksoNR works with clinicians to promote correct movement patterns in all phases of recovery and challenges patients as they progress toward independent ambulation.

    Treatment Goals

    Functional Balance

    Clinical evidence suggests that gait training in Ekso improves functional balance outside of the device in people with motor incomplete SCI.

    Walking Distance

    Clinical evidence suggests that including Ekso gait training improves walking distance outside of the device for people with stroke and motor incomplete SCI at discharge compared to admission.

    Gait Speed

    Clinical evidence shows that including Ekso gait training during rehabilitation improves patient gait speed outside of the device at discharge compared to admission.

  • How Does Ekso Achieve the Above Training Goals?

    SmartAssistped™ Software

    Customize motor support strength for various impairment levels, from full assistance to patient-initiated moveme

    Pre-Ambulatory Tools

    EksoNR includes a suite of programs to help patients balance, weight shift, and step in place before walking.

    Adaptive Gait Training

    Sensors and software continuously monitor and regulate leg movement to minimize compensatory gait patterns.

    Clinician Control

    Set training targets and modify assistance levels in real time for each leg independently based on session feedback.

    Data Capture

    View session-specific walking time, distance, and speed, securely saved to the cloud for easier documentation.

    Posture Support

    EksoNR helps patients bear only their own weight with proper postural alignment so you can maximize treatment time.