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TNB 3D Gravity & Dwall

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Smart Gravity 3D is a dynamic and multidirectional support system designed for motor and neuromotor rehabilitation. It actively controls the vertical axis, relieving the patient of up to 80% of their body weight and aiding in post-operative recovery and training for patients with walking difficulties, strokes, parkinsons and parkinsonisms, and neurological injuries. With added functionality and the 3D weight relief system, exercises can be performed safely with constant feedback, making it a valuable tool for patients' rehabilitation.



• Static and dynamic weight relief
• Dynamic support function for natural walking
• Fall prevention function
• Side workstations for operator (optional)

smart gravity 3D demo 3.jpg
smart gravity 3D demo.png

Anti-Gravity System

With D-WALL and the dynamic weight relief system in Smart Gravity 3D, intervention is possible in the following areas:
• Rehabilitating global motor skills in the post-surgery phase

• Assisting patients with walking difficulties through

• Targeted work for patients in stroke rehabilitation

• Providing training for patients affected by Parkinson's and

• Assisting patients with serious neurological injuries

Innovative design for optimal functionality

The Smart Gravity 3D system has an actively controlled vertical axis cable referral system that can operate the end effector without interfering with movements on other axes. This allows for the motor to be positioned on the structure. The mobile structure is made of carbon fiber-based composite material to reduce inertia and friction during planar movements. Every aspect of this system is designed for maximum functionality and patient safety during use.

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