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Qpads from Mobility Research

Q-pads are an interactive training system designed for neuro- logical and orthopedical patients. An effective training tool for Balance, Coordination and Cognitive Skills and highly engaged patients' participation.

Interactive Pads

• Real Time Visual Feedback with lights up

multi-colored LEDs to show the pressure distribution of the patient.
• 4 Built-in Functionalities to be applied, include Weight-Shifting Training, Sit-To-Stand Training, Weight.
• Adjustable strengths threshold for both hands and feet to ensure customization for individual's patient.

Qpads demonstration from Mobility Research
Qpads demonstration from Mobility Research

Product Highlights

• Improve Motor and Cognitive skills.
• Improve Balance, Coordination and

Weight Bearing.
• Space Saving and Easy to transport and storage.
• Flexible in setting Wall-placed, Table-placed, Floor-placed and operation from 2-pads up to


Q-pads Video

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