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Expresso Go

Expresso Go from Blue Goji

Expresso GO offers fully immersive Road Racing for the Bike user to ride the bike in a Virtual Reality Environment. The speed and resistance are always interactive between the scene and the patient's performance.

Interactive VR Bike

• Steering on Handlebars to engage the upper body to create a realistic riding experience.
• 30 levels of resistance can be adjusted by shifting the buttons on the handlebars.
• Interactive Virtual Environment.
• Heart Rate Detection through sensors on the handlebars.
• Pacer and Games Modes increase patient motivation.

Expresso Go demonstration from Blue Goji
Expresso Go demonstration from Blue Goji

Product Highlights

• Highly engaged and interactive with patients in both virtually as well as physically.
• Immersive Environment connecting patients with real experience in a dynamic environment.
• Improve in Cardio Vascular and Total Body muscles strengthening and overall coordination.

Expresso Go Video

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