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Dwall From Tecnobody

D-WALL represents the Mirror Revolution applied in Medical Rehabilitation and Sports Performance. It is a Real Time of Qualitative and Quantitative Execution of the Motion, Gesture and Body Joint Movement.
With advanced Technology, Motion, Gesture and Body Movement can be captured for evaluation and analysis of patient's performance in terms of Functional Ability and the ROM of various body joints in real-time manner with no need to apply sensors or markers on the user.

Product Highlights

• Real-time biofeedback of body joint movement and weight bearing via high-resolution 3D camera and force platform.
• Customize training programs for progressive results.
• Enhance patients' total body coordination, functional capabilities, balance, trunk stability, trunk rotation, shoulder and elbow range of motion, endurance 
and overall mobility.

Dwall Demonstration
Dwall Demonstration

Immersive Training

Simulates a virtual environment for patients to perform total body exercise with patient's own motor action ability, include body joint range of motion, muscle strengths, postural control and weight shifting while standing and moving. Highly engaged and interactive with patients in both virtually as well as physically. 100+ Exercises embedded training including Postural Correction, Functional, Balance, Mobility and Muscles Strength.

Training Assessment


Manage training programs with integrated assessments and access to over 100 exercises for postural control, functional training, balance, and strength in Orthopaedic and Neurological Rehabilitation.

Tests analyze patients' performance in Motor Sensory Control and Balance for Rehab, Health, and Sports. (Static, Dynamic), Mobility, Jump Analysis, Agility, and Functional Movement.

Dwall Demonstration

D-WALL Video

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