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VitalStim Plus

VitalStim Plus from Chattanooga

VitalStim® therapy is an effective treatment therapy for patients suffering from Dysphagia or Swallowing problems encountered.

NMES technology:

VitalStim Plus neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) helps recruit and re-educate muscles in the process of swallowing.

Interactive therapy:

Interactive Therapy provides visual and audible feedback for enhanced patient engagement during swallowing exercises.

Nmes Treatment For Dysphagia


VitalStim waveform is delivered in Co-Contraction Mode with up to 4 channels. Customize treatment by adjusting Phase Duration, Frequency, and Work and Rest Time.

VMS Treatment:
• VMS treatment offers flexibility by sequencing stimulation in various channels to match the natural swallowing sequence.
sEMG Treatment:

• Muscle's electrical signals are measured and displayed on a screen, amplified into sounds for patient feedback. This motivates patients and provides data and documentation.

sEMG + Triggered Stimulation:

• Patient initiates swallowing exercise with sEMG biofeedback assistance. When threshold is reached, VitalStim Plus switches to stimulation mode to increase effort and exercise load.

Screen Mirroring:

• Project live treatment progress on a computer or tablet screen. Screen mirroring technology helps therapists guide patients via personalized swallowing exercises.

VitalStim Plus demonstration from Chattanooga
VitalStim Plus data demonstration from Chattanooga

VitalStim Plus Video

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