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IOPI PRO Trainer

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IOPI Medical system provides you with Objective Measurement of Tongue and Lip Strength and Endurance. 
It measures the strength of the tongue by the maximum pressure that the individual can produce in an air-filled bulb by pressing the bulb against the roof of the mouth with the tongue. It provides the evaluations for treatment prescription and these measures aid therapists to formulate an effective training protocol for patients. 

Concept & Solution

Identify Swallowing Problems:
• Decide whether tongue weakness is involved in oral phase s
wallowing problems.

Monitoring Patient's Recovery:
• Objective evaluation of tongue and lip strength helps monitor patient's recovery from swallowing deficits.
Disease / Conditions:
Loss of tongue strength due to some of the disease and simply the ageing conditions:

• Stroke

• Parkinson’s Disease

• Elderly

• TBI / Head and Neck Cancer


Tongue & Lip Strength Training & Evaluation

With IOPI Pro system, you can
• Measure and document tongue and lip strength.
• Compare patient’s data with normative data.
• Customize training parameters for patient.
• Monitor patient's progress and evaluate training effectiveness.

Assists therapists studying and treating disorders that affect swallowing, speech, and eating by:
Diagnostically documenting deficits that justify treatment
Real-Time Biofeedback during isometric oral motor exercises enhances treatment effectiveness.
Motivating patients with muscle exercise therapy results.

IOPI PRO Trainer Video

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