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Sintesi from Akuis

In the era of digital load, Sintesi packs the complete toolset of strength training into two stylish pillars. The two columns can generate up to 50kg resistance in various modes each, to fulfil the exercise needs of your patients. The 2 pulley columns can be set vertically onto wall mount brackets, or easily transferred to floorboard brackets, providing two modes of use.

The Digitised

Exercise load

The load of the exercise can now be specified with the Dynamic Vectoring technology, where the pulley moves along the column to ensure the load is following the movement. Depending on the setting, the muscles targeted can be better isolated or more engaging on the stabilising mechanism.

Sintesi Demonstration
Sintesi Data Report Sample

9 Resistance Mode 

Exercise parameters can be adjusted and tracked in real-time.

Constant Mode: The load is steady and not affected by inertia.
Eccentric Mode: Concentric and eccentric loads can be set.
Auxotonic Mode: Higher load will be created at the end of movement.
Magnetic Mode: Higher load will be created at the start of movement.
Viscous Mode: The faster the movement, the higher the load.
Isokinetic Mode: The load always equals to the user’s force.
Vibration Mode: The load oscillates to create a “vibration”, which stimulates more muscle recruitment with lower load.
Random Mode: A perturbation is added to the load, to train muscle reaction and stability of movement.
Isometric Mode: The handle can be fixed at certain length, and the force of the user can be evaluated. 

Sintesi Video

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