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Balo from THERA-Trainer

Balo, the world's pioneering standing frame, features a patented Dynamic Spring Design that has completely transformed standing exercises. It offers a comprehensive solution for progressive training, encompassing static standing, balancing, and dynamic possibilities. Balo is appropriate for patients who have limited ability to stand independently or struggle with balance.

Dynamic Standing Frame

• Dynamic Frame Design of 0°, 6° and 12° range possibility enable patient's trunk movement and upper limb movement while protecting them in secure position during training.
• Electric Lift System assists in lifting and setting up patients from wheelchairs with ease and safety.
• Postural control: Design for users with insufficient trunk control with optional upper back support.

Balo demonstration from THERA-Trainer
Balo demonstration from THERA-Trainer

Not just standing frame

Muscles Strength Training: Balo's spring resistance mechanism has 6 progressive levels for muscle strength training.
Sit-To-Stand Training: Dynamic frame and Pelvic Support Mechanism for sit-to-stand and weight shifting training in a fall-risk free environment.
Pre-Gait Training: Knee and Heel Support Mechanism for stepping, mini squats, and squats in gait rehab preparation.

Balo Video

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