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HKGS Annual Scientific Meeting 2024


22 June 2024


JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong

Pro-Med Technology is committed to promoting public awareness and knowledge about geriatric diseases, with the goal of enabling prevention and effective treatment. In 2024, the company participated in the HKGS Annual Scientific Meeting to introduce its solutions targeting three common geriatric conditions: Sarcopenia, Dysphagia, and Movement Disorders.

In the exhibition, Pro-Med showcased a range of innovative technologies. These included the Inbody BWA 2.0 and InGrip for measuring elderly body composition and handgrip strength to assess Sarcopenia. Additionally, we presented the IOPI machine for evaluating and strengthening tongue and lip muscle strength, as well as Chattanooga's VitalStim Plus, a FDA-approved Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation machine to treat Dysphagia. Lastly, the GAITRite portable gait analysis system was also featured, enabling the assessment of elderly gait patterns for identifying movement disorders.
Through this comprehensive display of geriatric care solutions, Pro-Med aimed to educate the public and healthcare professionals about the latest advancements in addressing these common age-related health challenges.

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