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The InGrip is an ideal accessory for physical therapists, health coaches, doctors, trainers, and medical researchers as it provides an accurate solution for grip strength testing and sarcopenia assessments. Its advanced features ensure greater precision and durability compared to other devices on the market.

Product Highlights

• Guarantee accuracy and durability with load cell method, eliminating hysteresis concerns

• "Handle guide" ensures consistent measurements by loading handle at same position.

• Comes with bluetooth and can be linked with other programs, including InBody, for future applications

• Error Range less than ±0.5kg 

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A Crucial Biomarker For Predicting Future Health

To accurately evaluate physical capabilities and predict overall health, it is necessary to assess muscle strength. Handgrip strength, in particular, has a strong correlation with overall body strength, making it a practical option for measuring strength. Additionally, handgrip strength testing is a convenient and cost-effective method for evaluating muscle strength.

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