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​Inbody S10

S10 from InBody

InBody S10 is a body composition analyzer designed for bed-bound patients or patients unable to stand upright. By using adhesive or touch-type electrodes, InBody can measure body composition in sitting pose and lying pose.
InBody assists in determining the appropriate dry weight and provides prescriptions for body water and muscle mass status, crucial factors for extending the lifespan of dialysis patients.

InBody S10

Bedside Model

•  Mobile trolley allows easy transport of the machine prior to different clinic settings.

•  Touch-type electrode allows quick and firm setup for body composition analysis, able to use semi-permanently.

•  User-friendly interface, one button setup for different measuring position and electrode type

S10 demonstration from InBody
S10 demonstration from InBody
S10 result sheet sample from InBody

InBody S10

Specialized Water Analysis Report

•  Offer intracellular, extracellular water of each segment of the body, total body water and ECW/TBW ratio

• Related research parameter; BMR, BCM, FFM, Dry weight

• History function to trace treatment effect

Inbody S10 Video

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