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Inbody 970

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Latest development of InBody Body Composition Analyser, featuring 8 frequencies for the most in-depth analysis of Body Composition, Body Water Balance, and Cellular Health. 40 Impedance and 15 Phase Angle measurements are carried out in less than 2 minutes test time. 

Global Normative Data Comparison

InBody database (>13 million data) allows comparison to normative data based on age and ethnicity. T-Score and Z-Score indicate results compared to young adults and same age group.


Comprehensive Analytical Reports With 5 Result Sheets

5 Types of result sheet provide comprehensive data whatever your focus is on.
-    Body Composition Result Sheet
-    Body Water Result Sheet
-    Evaluation Result S
-    Research Result Sheet
-    Comparison Result Sheet


InBody Technologies

InBody uses a frequency range (1kHz to 3MHz) to measure ECW, ICW, and TBW separately. The 3MHz frequency optimally penetrates cell membranes, enabling precise measurements for diverse body compositions. It ensures accurate readings while minimizing interference from other frequencies and external factors.

8-point Tactile Electrodes placement on 4 limbs, including 1 voltage and 1 current electrode on each handle and footplate to ensure highly consistent analysis quality.

Each of our body segments is different in length and cross-sectional area, that is why the impedance reading of each segment correlates to different changes of water content and body composition. InBody measures 4 extremities and the trunk separately to measure the whole-body muscle mass accurately. 

InBody provides unbiased results unaffected by age, ethnicity, or gender. The results accurately reflect the current body status and changes over time. Evaluation is based solely on reference ranges or scores specific to age and gender.

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