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Inbody 770

Ib770 from InBody

InBody body composition analyser provides an accurate, quick and non-invasive analysis on body composition in molecular level, including body water, protein, minerals and body fat. Details analysis on body-fat composition, segmental lean-fat distribution and water analysis will be shown on an A4 report right after finishing the test.

Direct Segmental Measurement

InBody utilizes an advanced 5-cylinder model to accurately evaluate body composition, measuring impedance across multiple segments, including the limbs and trunk, for precise analysis. Segmental analysis will provide more precise information on body muscle mass, body fat mass and body water.

Multi-Frequency Measurement

InBody uses multi-frequencies current from 1kHz to 1MHz to measure intracellular and extracellular water separately, which provides more detailed information in muscle and water analysis, revealing an imbalance in body water distribution.

Ib770 Segmental Measurement from InBody
Ib770 Multi Frequency from InBody
Ib770 8 Point Tactile from InBody
Ib770 No Empirical Estimation from InBody

Tetrapolar 8-Point Tactile Electrode

The tetrapolar 8-point tactile electrodes technology improves the accurate and reproducibility of the InBody result. By fixing the starting position of the measured current and voltage, the measure can eliminate the result fluctuation affected by different sizes of palms and soles.


No Use of Empirical Estimation

InBody do not rely on empirical estimation to measure the body composition. The result is solely output from direct impedance measurement of the body, hence it will not be affected by gender, age or other body type pre-assumption, and is more sensitive to any changes in body composition.


InBody 770 is the most advance model in the InBody series, suitable for all kind of operation and business, especially in medical field. Providing full salutation in medical body composition analysis by measurement of different medical data such as edema index, visceral fat area and phase angle.

• Testing Weight Range 10-270kg (22.0-595lbs)

• 10.2 inch Color TFT LCD Screen

• 3 Different Types of Results Sheets;

   For Adult, For Children and For Body Water Analysis

• Customized Results Sheet

• Automatic Electrical Noise Filtering

• Adjustable Normal Range

• Auto Lock for unauthorized use

• Reactance and Whole Body Phase Angle measurement

Ib770 outlook from InBody
Ib770 result sample from InBody


• Intracellular/Extracellular Water, Total Body Water

• ECW Ratio, Segmental ECW Ratio

• Segmental Lean Mass, Segmental Lean Percentage, Segmental Fat Mass, Segmental Fat Percentage

• Visceral Fat Area (level)

• Protein, Mineral, Body Fat Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass

• BMI, Percentage Body Fat, Waist-Hip Ratio(WHR) Obesity Degree,

• Nutritional Evaluation

• Body Composition History

Inbody 770 Video

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