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Inbody 580

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InBody 580 is a premium body composition analyzer designed for health professionals. It measures the Segmental ECW Ratio and Segmental Phase Angle, providing detailed health assessment and guidance for tailored interventions in fitness, wellness, and nutrition.

Product Highlights

• High Precision of Impedance and Reproducibility

• Improved UI Design and Automatic Update of software

• Addition of Parameters Extracellular Water Ratio Phase Angle

• Customized History Graph Personalization of History Graph

• Emphasizing by Re-organizing Option Results

• Design supports proper posture, stability & slip resistance

• 3-way hand electrode

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InBody 580

Result Sheet

• Provide BIVA Graph

• Provide Segmental ECW/TBW Ratio

• Provide Visceral Fat Area

• Provide ECW/TBW - Phase Angle

• Allow History Graph Customizing

• Allow Research Parameters Customizing

• Provide Sarcopenia Parameter (Optional with InGrip)

InBody Technologies

Advanced technology

The advanced InBody 580 produces Segmental ECW Ratio and Phase Angle parameters, providing a detailed analysis of an individual's health status.

Ergonomically Designed

Our intelligently engineered system, powered by advanced BIA technology, offers precise insights into your health. With an intuitive interface, innovative design, and comprehensive measurements, optimize your clients' or patients' health journey with ease.

User-friendly and convenient

Get quick and precise body composition assessment in just 30 seconds for immediate consultation.

Intelligent Recognition

Simplify member data entry with QR code recognition using mobile phones for improved efficiency.

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Inbody 580 Video

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