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Strike Pods

Strike Pods from SMARTfit

Smartfit System combined the elements of cognitive and motor skills training & evaluation with adding physical involvement. Developed effective training protocol and test for Neurological Rehabilitation and specialized in paediatric with special needs, early childhood education and general health and fitness. Smartfit Strike Pods System creates the multisensory experience for students which helps them to develop and enhance their cognitive, motor and physical efficiency.

Multisensorial Mobile
Interactive Station 

• Active Learning Programs

• Improve Eye-Hand Coordination and Functional
• Independence
• Interactive and Highly Engaged
• Multisensorial training with instant biofeedback

(visual and audio) 

Strike Pods demonstration from SMARTfit
Strike Pods demonstration from SMARTfit

Versatility Of Training

• 107 Dual Task Activities
• Letter and Number identification
• Visual disc
rimination and visual tracking/scanning abilities
• Track, Seek, Metronome and Memory
• Accuracy, Reaction Time and Growth Analysis R
eaction time and Accuracy to hit the targets greatly improve over consecutive trials, demonstrating motor learning and quickened motor responses

Strike Pods Video

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