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LiteGait MX, LiteGait FX

 LiteGait MX/ FX from mobility research

LiteGait MX meets the needs of pediatric clients from infants through young adults. It provides appropriate postural support and weight-bearing assistance with a manually adjustable/powered yoke. Adaptive to the user’s need in versatility, it can be used in standing, seated, or quadruped positions. LiteGait therapy benefits pediatrics with poor balance and control, coordination problems, and poor.

Design Of 4

Independent Straps

• Make a perfect customization for pediatrics to maintain asymmetric upper body posture. 
• Support patients with asymmetrical impairments to walk.
• Facilitate normal gait pattern with correct and asymmetric upper body posture. 
• Unique Design of Y-Shaped Yoke
• Support the patient directly over left and right shoulder as

tomaintain asymmetrical Posture Control and Balance. 

 LiteGait MX/ FX demonstration from mobility research
 LiteGait MX/ FX demonstration from mobility research

Versatility Training

Mobile platform of LiteGait offers a Fall-Free environment on treadmill or overground which facilitates: 
Pre-Gait Training: 
• Standing, Balancing, Sitting or Quadruped in good posture 

ADL Training: 
Gait, balance, play activities, and activities of daily living. 
Interactive Training: 

Engages with balance equipment, toys, and other equipment. 
Sit to Stand Training: 
Assist patient from the position of sit to stand and perform training with Power Battery Operated Lift Mechanisms. 
Diversified Training Activities and Gait Training: 
Facilitate gait training
with backward or sideways walking and other activities facing outward in the LiteGait overground with 360 degrees rotation - Integrated FreeDome Yoke.

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