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Grillo from Ormesa

Grillo is a postural walker designed for children and teens who are starting to walk and who need a support or a reference to learn the step pattern correctly. 

Concept & Solution

The Grillo stander supports the user's lack of balance using a wide bearing surface and supports for the trunk, pelvis, and limbs. These supports are ergonomic and adjustable based on the child's special needs.
• Promote independent movement on wheels with using residual resources of the child.

Keep the child safe and focus with:

Padded chest support - adjustable in backward-forward, inclination.

Pelvic support - adjustable in height, width and circumstance.
Handlebar/handles/arm supports to support the user.

• Suitable for Outdoor training

• Equipped with wheels with directional locks, anti-reverse wheel stops and adjustable brakes.

Grillo demonstration from Ormesa
Grillo demonstration from Ormesa

Product Highlights

• Maintain C.o.G. along same line during height adjustments.
• Cost Effective:
- W
ide range of height adjustments gives
- The growth potential that a child normally
- Needs 4 walkers to cover.
• Foldable design for easy transport

Grillo Video

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