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Dondolio from Ormesa

Dondolino is a vertical stander for children with special needs with
tilting frame, for acquiring the acquisition of an autonomous erect
position. Using Dondolino in everyday life contexts facilitates the child’s
active insertion into the surrounding environment, aiding the mobility of
the upper limbs and the head, in line with the individual motor development skills.

Concept & Solution

Tilting Frame: Allows trunk rotation and maximum upper limb freedom of movement.

Tools free: Adjust with special knobs for effective and safe grip. 
Graduated bars: Help finding the right postural setting chosen by the therapist. 
Pelvic support and thoracic support: Independently adjustable in circumference, height and forward-backward.

Dondolio from Ormesa demonstration
Dondolio from Ormesa demonstration

Product Highlights

Birch plywood table: Designed for education and upper limb support, can be removed for easier exercises. Adjustable height, inclination, and forward-backward movement.
Heel stops: For width and depth adjustments 
Twin swivel wheels:  75 mm diameter twin swivel wheels with rear brakes allow for easy movement between rooms.

Cost Effective: Height can be adjusted from 75 to 150 cm for children and teens, promoting growth, development, and individual skills for hip and knee movements.

Dondolio Video

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