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LiteGait from Mobility Research

LiteGait provides postural control and weight-bearing assistance for fall-free therapeutic activities. LiteGait therapy benefits clients with lower extremity pain, lower extremity and trunk weakness, weight-bearing restrictions or amputation, diminished cardiopulmonary function, and poor activity tolerance.

Postural Emphasis 

• Unique design of 4 independently Overhead Straps
• Make a perfect customization for patients to maintain asymmetric upper body posture.
• Support the patient with asymmetrical impairments to walk in a c
orrect posture.
• Facilitate normal gait pattern with correct and asymmetric upper body posture

LiteGait demonstration from Mobility Research
LiteGait demonstration from Mobility Research
LiteGait demonstration from Mobility Research

Dynamic Weight Bearing Postural Gait Training

• Natural Gait Pattern:
Allow vertical displacement of the patient with FlexAble Yoke
• Effective Weight Shifting:
Assess the level of support given to patients during training sessions.
• Facilitate ADL skills:
Freedome Yoke enables practical exercise with 360 degrees rotation autonomy, allowing essential backward-walking, side-walking, and turning training for daily living.
• Cueing support:
Make easier for therapist to provide lower extremity cueing/support with Gaiter Stool.
• Sit to Stand Training:
Assist patient from the position of sit to stand and perform training with Power Battery Operated Lift Mechanisms.

LiteGait Video

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