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Grillo from Ormesa

Grillo is a postural gait trainer for adults and children designed to facilitate movement of those with reduced mobility and to promote as much independence as possible.
Available in both front and rear direction versions, it sets extremely high standards with regards to customisation, ease of use and versatility, thanks to a wide range of adjustments and available supports.

Concept & Solution

• Trains the user to maintain trunk and pelvis balance.
• Enhances spatial awareness and perception .
• Promotes physical self-sufficiency and psychological independence through independent experimentation.

•Ergonomic pelvic and thoracic support for each step. Removable, height-adjustable handlebar functions as a reference and armrest.

Product Highlights

• Light aluminum frame - foldable for easy transportation and patented adjustable system (4 sizes in 2 frames).

Grillo demonstration from Ormesa

Grillo Video

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