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GAITRite Walkways from GAITRite

GAITRite® sets the benchmark in portable walkway technology, utilizing a single layer pressure-sensitive surface to measure temporal and spatial parameters. It offers a convenient way to identify gait anomalies with precision. Our advanced proprietary software allows for the recording and analysis of multiple gait cycles in a single walk, providing comprehensive insights. With user-friendly reporting and web publishing options, it enables seamless documentation of current conditions and facilitates tracking of recovery and rehabilitation progress.

Use at anywhere

GAITRite provides clinicians with a versatile gait analysis platform. Their electronic walkway solutions simply unroll on any flat surface for instant set up. Through integrated sensors and accompanying software, GAITRite captures holistic pacing and stride data during ambulation. Objective readings are immediately available for review. Clinicians benefit from extensive reporting functions. Results can be easily printed or shared digitally. GAITRite overcomes location limitations, empowering mobility assessments wherever and whenever needed. The portable, plug-and-play system optimizes rehabilitative evaluation and treatment.

GAITRite Demonstration
GAITRite Data Sample
GAITRite Data Sample
GAITRite Data Sample

Efficient Assessment & Simplified Analysis

GAITRite's mat immediately captures gait metrics as subjects ambulate down the walkway. Recording is done in real-time, allowing for instant playback and at-a-glance evaluation. Proprietary software seamlessly processes the collected data, facilitating effortless generation of clinical reports. The streamlined workflow provides timely insights while minimizing demands on clinicians and patients.

Product Highlights

• Suitable for clinical use

• Portable design that meet any of your needs

• Easy to Use

• Quick and easy data collection

GAITRite Video

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