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Wireless Pro

Wireless Pro from Chattanooga

Wireless Pro is a wireless electrotherapy machine. Wireless module makes it easier to involve movement during the electrotherapy sessions, combining functional exercise and optimal loading to enhance the effectiveness of the therapy sessions.

Wireless Electrotherapy

By integrating functional exercise, wireless electrical stimulation offers a comprehensive approach to injury prevention training and post-injury rehabilitation.

Wireless Pro demonstration from Chattanooga
Wireless Pro demonstration from Chattanooga

Product Highlights

• 4 individual wireless modules, 2+2 channel can stimulate different body parts at the same time
• ACL program - an intelligent program sp
ecifically designed for ACL injury rehabilitation
• Muscle Intelligence
Mi-scan: Tailors stimulation parameters to each patient and session using sensors.
Mi-Action: Trigger stimulation with muscle contractions.
Mi-Tens: Control stimulation energy to prevent unwanted contractions during pain relief programs.
Mi-Range: Shows energy level range to therapist.


Wireless Pro Video

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