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qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal

qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal from qmd

qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal is a complete portable device, with small dimensions, is able to produce in one single system:  
- Cryotherapy: the effect of cold, which can be set from -2 °C to +15 °C;
- Thermotherapy: heat effect adjustable from +30 °C to +42 °C;
- Thermal Shock: an anesthetic effect to temporarily reduce the sensitivity of the receptors, before a painful treatment;
- Contrast therapy®: alternating cycles of heat and cold to reduce edema, relax muscles or to arouse anti-inflammatory effects.



• Cryo-thermotherapy
• Combination of Ultrasound with cryotherapy
• Combination of Ultrasound with thermotherapy
• Ultrasound therapy

qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal demonstration from qmd
qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal demonstration from qmd

Treatment Effect

• Repair of fractures and tendon injuries
• Treatment of scar tissue (making it more elastic)
• Relief of joint and muscle pain (by increasing the temperature)
• Acceleration of wound healing
• Increased extensibility of soft tissue
• Reduction in swelling

qmd® ultrasound cryo thermal Video

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