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PHYSIO from Chattanooga

Physio is a portable electrotherapy machine. Its small size is suitable for clinic settings and optimal in short and specific therapy sessions such as pain relief or denervated muscle stimulation.

Portable Electrotherapy

4 channel stimulators developed to manage all indications of Electrotherapy.

Four standards + 4 Full programs: Rehabilitation I&II, Pain Relief I&II, Vascula, Neurologic Rehabilitation, Conditioning I&II, Incontinence, Denervated muscles, Direct Current (Iontophoresis, Hyperhidrosis and Edema)

PHYSIO demonstration from Chattanooga
PHYSIO demonstration from Chattanooga

Product Highlights

• Denervated muscles stimulation program
• Muscle Intelligence     Technology
: Tailors stimulation parameters to each patient and session using sensors.
Mi-Action: Allows patients to trigger the stimulation with their own active muscle contraction
Mi-Tens: Control stimulation energy to prevent unwanted contractions during pain relief programs.
Mi-Range: Shows energy level range to therapist.



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