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Mobile 2

Mobile 2  from Chattanooga

Intelect Mobile 2 is a series of physiotherapy modalities, including electrical stimulation, ultrasound and combo machines combining both Stim and US. The mobile series can come with a mobile trolley for easy transportation.

Concept & Solution

• User-friendly, high-resolution 7"capacitive touch screen for access to the intuitive user interface.
• Continuous or pulsed vacuum
Easy access to wastewater storage cup for fast-cleaning
• Mobile cart for easy transportation

Mobile 2  demonstration from Chattanooga
Mobile 2  outlook from Chattanooga

Product Highlights

• Ultrasound: Can plug in two applicators in one machine, avoiding plug-in-and-out damage

• Indication: Pain relief for muscle spasms, joint contracture, ligament sprains, tendinitis, and muscle spasms.
• Stimulation:
2-channel electrical stimulation with more than 20 waveforms
• Indication:

1. Symptomatic relief of chronic pain
2. Management of post-operative pain muscle re-education
3. Increasing local blood supply
4. Relaxation of muscle spasms
5. Maintaining/increasing range of motion

Mobile 2 Video

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