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M6 Laser

M6 Laser from ASA

One of the models in the MLS® Laser Therapy Line, the M6 comes with 75W Peak power and a robotised application. The robotic head can uniformly cover the target area with scanning and points-targeting. The patient can be treated while sitting or lying down.

MLS® Laser Therapy

MLS® Laser Therapy is the patented emission combining pulsed 905nm and continuous/pulsed 808nm emission. The technology allows laser therapy to be high power, yet without side effects. The MLS® laser is very safe to use for all indications. Each treatment session last less than 10 minutes for small areas, and up to 20 minutes for larger treatment areas. Best to treat in alternate days, significant improvement can be seen in 2 weeks for acute cases, and 4 weeks for chronic cases.

M6 Laser demonstration from ASA
M6 Laser theory from ASA
M6 Laser demonstration from ASA

Scientific Proved

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is effective against pain, swelling, inflammation, and muscle contraction. ASA has a large library of research and clinical tests for various pathologies and diseases, creating proven protocols for every indication and body part for worry-free dosage and parameters.

M6 Laser Video

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