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Edero , Pura, Elemento, Ayura

Edero from Armon

Armon products are specialized arm support, is meticulously crafted to assist individuals with limited arm and hand strength or those who can only exert muscular effort for a restricted duration. This innovative solution is designed to address various conditions such as spinal cord injuries, RSI/CANS, cerebral infarction, and a range of muscular diseases.

Dynamic Arm Support

• Electrical Driven / Mechanical Dynamic Arm Support
• Wide Horizontal & Vertical Range
• 12 levels of compensation adjustment: range from 850 grams u
p to approximate 3400 grams
• Light weight & Smooth Motion
• Can be used on table, work chair and wheelchair

Edero demonstration from Armon
Edero demonstration from Armon

Product Highlights

• Support ADLs for users with limited Range of Motion of Shoulder or Elbow
• Reduces static muscle tone
• Improve Posture

• Enhance independency and self-esteem
• Enable functional training for users in Early Rehab stage

Edero , Pura, Elemento, Ayura Video

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