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Smartfit Mini

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Smartfit System combined the elements of cognitive and motor skills training & evaluation with adding physical involvement. Developed effective training protocol and test for Active Aging, Dementia, Neurological Rehabilitation, Sports Performance Advancement, Early Childhood Education and General Health and Fitness.

Concept & Solution 

• Dementia Prevention for Maintain & Improve Cognitive Ability such as Problem Solving and Decision Making.
• Fall Prevention to improve balance ability and tolerance with physical exercise.
• Improve Eye-Hand Coordination and Functional Independence.
• Objective progress monitoring and evaluation.

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• 600 Dual Task Activities
• 12 New Neuropsychologi
cal Tests
• 8
Folders of Gamified Challenges Accuracy, Reaction Time and Growth Analysis Track, Seek, Metronome, Memory and Sequencing

Smartfit Mini Video 

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