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Hand/ 3D/ Leg/ Arm Tutor

Meditouch Tutor form Meditouch

Meditouch is an interactive training system designed for neurological and orthopedical patients to provide pre and post-evaluation of patient's progressive training outcomes. An effective training tool for Fine Motor, Sensory and Impairments.

Concept & Solution

• Improve fine motor skills with isolated joint sensors.
• Biofeedback improves proprioception and accuracy post-injuries.
Evaluate patient impairment with Range of Motion data.
• Motivated Exercises Game Therapy to patients' Hands, Fingers, Arms, Legs and Total Body joint impairment such as Range of motion, Accuracy and Speed of movement.

Meditouch Tutor demonstration form Meditouch
Meditouch Tutor data demonstration form Meditouch

Product Highlights

• Improve Quality of the ROM and Functional Activities Performance.
• Improve Speed Control in Joint Movement and Joint Coordination.

Hand/ 3D/ Leg/ Arm Tutor Video

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