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Homing From TechnoBody

Homing is a Portable Digital Mirror to provide possibility of Immersive Training in a Virtual Environment. You can easily move the cube from a room to another. With less than 2m x 2m operating area, you can either connect to a TV or a Projector. 

It provides Real Time Motion Capture and Visual Biofeedback during training. Thanks to the advanced technology and the high resolution of 3D Camera, it creates incredible experience for users. Without putting any of markers or sensors on the users, it allows users to perform exercises freely and safely while the effectiveness is not compromising.

Product Highlights

• Create a pattern of exercise - simulate ADL by following trajectory 
designed by therapist.

• More than 270 Exercises covered all musculoskeletal joints for functional training. 
• Move your body in 3D Virtual Environment for a Total Body Training. 
• Simulate walking in reality and stepping exercise.

Homing Demonstration From TechnoBody
Homing Accessory From TechnoBody
Homing Outlook From TechnoBody
Homing Accessory From TechnoBody
Homing Accessory From TechnoBody

Significant Improvement

• Portable USB powered device
• Quantitative functional evaluation
• Numerous clinical assessment scales
• Suitable for telerehabilitation
• Shared interface and database with other Humanware devices, proprietary software with rehabilitation games, assessment exercises, and results analysis.

Homing Video

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