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Standy from Ormesa

Standy by Ormesa is a standing frame designed for adults and teenagers with different levels of ability and autonomy, offering exceptional support for verticalization.

Concept & Solution

• To enhances the functionality of the osteoarticular system and promotes the preservation of muscle elasticity. It facilitates the utilization of the upper limbs by providing secure containment through knee, pelvis, and trunk supports.
• By incorporating reaching skills, the Standy becomes a vital ally in enhancing upper limb functionality for everyday tasks.

Standy outlook from Ormesa
Standy outlook from Ormesa

Product Highlights

• Edge-free frame: Enables trunk rotation and side-arm motion. Height-adjustable frame with a safety locking system.
•Tool-free adjustment, padded thoracic support, removable tray, padded back support, padded knee pads, heel stops, anti-slip footrest.

Standby Video

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