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Stability Easy

Stability Easy from TecnoBody

The Stability Easy System comprises a stabilometric platform equipped with high-resolution load sensors and a trunk sensor. Leveraging the advanced Tecnobody Trunk Sensor technology, it enables the measurement and analysis of patient trunk control during training and evaluation. This innovative system ensures corrective and effective stability training and assessment by utilizing intelligent software and programs.

Fundamental of Balance

Stability training and assessment plays an important role in improving patient's balance ability. Stability Easy System offers a quick and simple solution for therapist to assess patient's balance ability through 1-minute stabilometric test.

Training Mode

Learn the corrective posture in standing
Flat View and Graph Monit
or: Improve proprioception, flexibility and mobility.
Static Training: Stabilometric, Skill, Disequilibrium, Position

Stability Easy demonstration from TecnoBody
Stability Easy demonstration from TecnoBody
Stability Easy data sample from TecnoBody
Stability Easy gaming sample from TecnoBody

Evaluation Mode

• Stability Assessment
  Stabilometric Test (e
ye-opened, eye-closed)
  Stabilometric Test (Right/Left Foot)
• Limits of stability Test (LOS)

*All assessment comes with a detailed pdf report for evaluation.


• Interactive games Ski, Fly, Equilibrium and Shoot

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