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Balance Trunk Easy

Balance Trunk Easy from TecnoBody

Balance Trunk Easy System consists of high resolution of load sensors embedded in seated-platform, combined the trunk sensor. Experience a secure and efficient training solution specifically designed for geriatric and neurological rehabilitation. This system offers the capability to measure and analyze the patient's C.o.P., as well as Bi-Axial and Mono-Axial movement, along with trunk posture while in a seated position.

Importance of Pelvic Tilt

An innovative Dynamic Balance Chair designed for the perfect pelvic tilt exercise training & evaluation.
Pelvic tilt exercise strengthens lumbar lordosis and activates the intrinsic core stabilizers which helps to reduce Low Back Pain and improve Postural Control.


Training Mode

Learn the corrective posture in sitting:
• Flat View and Graph Monitor:
   Improve proprioception, flexibility and mobility.
• Dynamic Training: (10 levels of instability) Target tracing,
   Disequilibrium, Position
• Load training: Limits of loading

Balance Trunk Easy outlook from TecnoBody
Balance Trunk Easy data report sample from TecnoBody
Balance Trunk Easy data report sample from TecnoBody
Balance Trunk Easy games sample from TecnoBody

Evaluation Mode

• Proprioceptive Assessment
  Clockwise, Anti-Clockwise and Compared
• Pelvic Tilt Assessment ROM (STAR Test)

*All assessment comes with a detailed pdf report for evaluation.


• Interactive games Ski, Fly, Equilibrium and Shoot

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