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MOTORE from Humanware

MOTORE, a robotic device for the rehabilitation of the upper limbs, indicated in the recovery of the arm after a stroke and for post-traumatic and cognitive functional recovery.
It is a battery-powered, portable. and mobile haptic device on wheels, characterised by the absence of links. It is designed to revolutionise the various types of rehabilitation exercises, providing an interactive experience to the patient, involving him/her with recreational tools and measuring the person's progress and performance.

Robotic Upper Limb  Training System

Passive & Active-Assisted: MOTORE provides motorized assistance for rehabilitation, adjusting to patients' needs.
Assessment of Therapy: The system measures force, acceleration, and speed in real-time, providing objective assessment and valuable insights for the therapist.
Training Programs: Customizable therapy protocols increase motivation by highlighting improvements.

MOTORE demonstration from Humanware

Product Highlights

 Portable, autonomous, haptic, wireless, battery-powered robot
• Quantitative functional evaluation
• Numerous clinical assessment scales
• The active system adapts to the patient's movement, providing assistance, support, or opposition.
• Able to manage and alleviate spasticity
Proprietary software with rehabilitation games, assessment exercises, and results analysis.

MOTORE demonstration from Humanware


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