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LUX Podoscope

LUX Podoscope from Chinesport

Podolux is used to analyze the plantar loading and allows us to obtain a real view of the sole and to highlight the points of greatest and least load.
It is a typical device for analyzing the foot type (normal/cavus/flat) of the subject being examined. It consists of a lacquered wood frame, a crystal surface and a mirror below. Double-side lighting provides a visual image of foot pressure and a representation of load distribution points.



The Foot Analyzer 2.0 consists of a bilaminate platform with two web- cams and GPS 5.0 software for acquisition and handling of images for foot pressure and heels. It can be combined with Lux Podoscope code 02990 or Lux Podoscope with colored light code 02997.

LUX Podoscope outlook from Chinesport

LUX Podoscope Video

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