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Walker View SCX 

Walkerview from TechnoBody

Walker View 3.0 SCX incorporates cutting-edge technology to analyze the user's gait pattern and ROM in real-time. Remarkably, this analysis is performed without the need for sensors or markers to be applied on the user's body.

New Feature

Introducing the new SCX Speed Control feature, which enables users to synchronize the system's activation with their walking speed. This unique functionality transforms the Walker View 3.0 SCX into a self-adaptive treadmill, facilitating highly effective training during rehabilitation.

Gait Analysis

The Walker View 3.0 SCX's system also offers comprehensive gait analysis capabilities. It monitors and records vital gait parameters, including joint angles, spatial and temporal gait data, and kinematic graphs. This wealth of information can be further evaluated to formulate an effective gait training program. 

Walkerview outlook from TechnoBody
Walkerview data sample from TechnoBody
Walkerview demonstration from TechnoBody
Walkerview demonstration from TechnoBody

Gait Training

   Mapping of user's pace as to achieve gait training goal.
  Up to 3 Gait / Postural Parameters can be set at a desirable
   range as a specific training goal.
   Visual and Audio Feedback are provided when the user
   exceeds the pre-set targeted range of limits.
   Re-educate the user to correct gait / postural pattern to
   maximize training outcomes.

Walker View SCX Video 

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