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HugN Go

HugN Go from Mobility Research

Combining the functionality of a walker with lifting and support capabilities, the HugN-Go is an incredibly versatile mobility device suitable for both home and clinical use. It provides a safe and secure solution for individuals with various impairments, allowing them to stand up and walk on even surfaces with confidence.

Product Highlights

The HugN-Go offers a range of convenient features:

Powered lift operated by a battery for effortless lifting.
User-friendly remote control switch for easy operation.
Unweights patients easily and supports during transfers.
Safety harness to prevent slippage and ensure patient safety.
Smooth rolling for seamless movement at home and therapy.
Small turn radius for easy maneuverability in tight spaces.
Legs swing open for wide chairs and close for narrow doorways.
Low base design for fitting under beds with 7" clearance.
Compact footprint, making it convenient for storage purposes.

HugN Go demonstration from Mobility Research

HugN Go Video

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