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SCIFIT Products offers a comprehensive range of exercise options for the upper, lower, and total body, catering to users of all physical conditions who require cardiovascular exercise.

Concept & Solution

• Improve Muscles Strength Asymmetry between Left/ Right Side
• Help condition the muscl
es used in performing basic activities of pushing, pulling and lifting
• Enable Cardio Health Training for users with limited muscles
strength and other physical disability
• Easy Patient Transfer with Swivel Seat and direct wheelchair access

StepONE outlook from SCIFIT
StepONE outlook from SCIFIT
StepONE total body ergometer from SCIFIT
SXT7000 from SCIFIT
ISO7000R from SCIFIT

Product Highlights

• Low Starting Resistance (6watts) with 20 Levels of Resistance

   (191 Levels of increment)
• Tools-Free Crank and Pedal adjustment
• Rehab Programs:
   ISO-Strength, Constant Work, Bi-Directional Training

• Seat Variability for Wheelchair Accessibility (PRO1* PRO2)
• Variety of Equipment: Ergometer, Stepper and Ellipticals

StepONE Video 

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