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S22 from mobility research

GaitKeeper treadmills are designed for rehab use. The powerful motors in the GaitKeepers maintain a smooth, steady rate, even at very slow speeds. Any of the GaitKeepers can be built to include  GaitSens gait analysis software.

Gaitkeeper Treadmill 

With controls that are easily accessible by a clinician while assisting a client, a true zero starting speed for safety with clients of all functional levels, and distances displayed in feet, GaitKeepers include features designed with the clinician in mind.

S22 demonstration from mobility research
S22 demonstration from mobility research

Product Highlights

• Low starting speed 0.1mph (range from 0.1 - 10mph)
• Low step up height 7"
• 0-15% inclination

• Long medical handlebar
• Height and width adjustable handlebar
• With Reverse Function
• Compatible with LiteGait

S22 Video 

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