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Bemo from THERA-Trainer

Thera Trainer, BEMO, is an advanced therapy device that utilizes external power to facilitate circular movement in the upper and lower body. It offers a range of modes, including passive, assistive, and active, while providing features such as symmetry display and spasm detection.

Early Mobilization: Cycling On Bed

• Adaptive to bedridden patients' use
• Facilitate functional recovery and earlier rehabilitation
• Improve joint mobility and muscle tone
• Stabilize circulation and Stimulate metabolism

Bemo demonstration from THERA-Trainer
Bemo demonstration from THERA-Trainer

Product Highlights

• T-assist technology: Distance sensor and audio-visual signals for proper setup positioning with visual positioning aid.
• Motor-Driven mechanism: 
Hi-lo adjustment through remote control
• Smooth Castors: Easy to transport from bed to bed
• Tool-Free mechanism: For upper and lower body training

Bemo Video 

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