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Neo from Chattanooga

NEO is a multi-functional physiotherapy machine. Its modular design can comprise all electrical stimulation modules, sEMG modules, ultrasound modules, laser modules and vacuum modules in one machine. Users can also customize the component of the system, specifically designed for clinic use.

Concept &


The Chattanoga NEO is a modular system with customizable design, allowing for different combinations of modalities to be installed to meet specific clinical needs.

Neo demonstration from Chattanooga
Neo demonstration from Chattanooga

Product Highlights

• 30+ waveforms for various indications and 4 independent stimulation channels for multiple treatments or patients.

• 10-step continuous or pulsed vacuum with

automatic release of suction cup at end of session.

Easy access to wastewater storage for quick cleaning.
• 2 frequency Ultrasound treatment (1Mhz, 3MHz) 3 duty 

cycle selection (10%, 20%, 50%)
• Lower level laser
• sEMG module for instant biofeedback and measuring muscle activity. Also finds chronaxie and plots S/D curve on screen.

Neo Video

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