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Fisiowarm 7.0

Fisiowarm 7.0 from Fisiowarm

The technology and innovative concept of Fisiowarm 7.0 harness the therapeutic potential of Tecar Therapy, ensuring both safety and effectiveness. This groundbreaking approach enables therapists to address musculoskeletal issues and peripheral neurological pathologies in both acute and chronic cases. By activating reparatory and anti-inflammatory processes, Fisiowarm 7.0 facilitates comprehensive treatment for patients.

New Generation Of Tecar Therapy 

Unique and Patented Fisowarm® offers SUPERPULSED mode of treatment, especially designed for therapy in Acute condition without impact!

Fisiowarm 7.0 demonstration from Fisiowarm
Fisiowarm 7.0 demonstration from Fisiowarm

Mode of Emission

• Thermal-free effect allows treatment application on acute pathology condition without impact.
• Fisiowarm 7.0 uses intense micro-pulses for effective treatment without thermal effects, providing high power output.
Cellular biostimulation: Increases energy transformation, boosting oxygen consumption.

Frequency & Penetration

• Free manual adjustment in frequencies between 300kHz to 1Mhz in 1kHz increment
• Preset frequencies: 300, 400, 450, 500 and
• Automatic Scanning of Preset Frequencies

Fisiowarm 7.0 demonstration from Fisiowarm
Fisiowarm 7.0 demonstration from Fisiowarm

Mode Of Energy Transfer

• Enables energy transfer to top layers beneath electrode.
• Ideal for soft tissues and muscles on superficial areas.
• Energy transfer where high and low impedance tissues meet.
• Improves cell nutrition and oxygenation, elasticity of connective tissues with Endogenous Deep Heat Effect.

• Charges build up in resistive tissue between active and neutral electrodes, promoting healing and recovery.
• Ideal for deep tissues like tendons, ligaments, fascia, &

Fisiowarm 7.0 Video

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