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Rehabilitation with
Intelligent Exoskeleton Coaching Seminar 

About The Webinar

This workshop aims to provide in-depth analysis of applying exoskeleton technologies in the neuro-rehabilitation field, with an overview of the Ekso NR with Gait Coach system and its application in gait training. It covers normal gait patterns, pathological gait deficits, neuroplasticity principles, and the role of BDNF in motor learning. The presentation emphasizes the importance of personalized and progressive training for improved clinical outcomes. The difficulties and benefits of applying exoskeleton in rehab will be demonstrated in the hands-on session, with time for participants to experience and experiment with the unit.

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Janette Tartabini

Clinical Manager in Ekso Bioinics

About The Speak

Janette Tartabini has Doctorate degree in Physiotherapy, from University of Montana, USA and Masters in Physiotherapy with Ohio State University, USA.  
She has 14 years of clinical experience with the Cleveland Clinic and St Vincent Hospital in Cleveland, USA, as a physiotherapist specializing in Neuro-rehabilitation. During this period, she has worked across the entire clinical continuum from acute care, in-patient, out-patient as well as skilled nursing facilities.  Janette has deep interest in and extensive experience with robotic rehabilitation, having treated a wide range of patients and conducted multitude of research with the Ekso technology.  She is also an certified Ekso trainer in the USA.       




1430 - 1630 HKT


YMCA Hotel

41 Salisbury RD., TST, KLN, HK


Part 1

60 minutes  
Keynote Presentation

Part 2

45 minutes  
Machine Trial Session

Part 3

15 minutes 
Q&A Session

Free (Meal included) 

Reach out to us for scheduling
or further information!

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