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Fisiotek HP2

Fisiotek HP2 from RIMEC

Fisiotek HP2 is a highly versatile apparatus that offers passive shoulder, elbow and wrist mobilization with various types of movements. Its base rests on 5 pirouetting wheels with a brake, and this allows the apparatus to be easily moved and locked in the desired position. It is adjustable in height and the body of the apparatus can be tilted. This makes it possible to perform the entire arthral range of movements, to use it with the patient sitting or supine, and to have a wide choice of the plane surface where the movement will be carried out.

3 in 1 CPM

Various accessories can be mounted on its mechanical arm for different rehabilitative movements. The fixed keyboard allows for programming of all functions, and the movable keyboard has STOP/START pushbuttons for patient control.
Shoulder ROM:
Elevation 5° ÷ 180°

Adduction-abduction 35° ÷ 150°
Internal-external rotation 90° ÷ 0° ÷ 90°
Elbow ROM:
Flexo-extension 0° ÷ 150°
Prone-supination 90° ÷ 0° ÷ 90°
Wrist ROM:
Flexo-extension 80° ÷ 0° ÷ 80°
Ulnar-radial deviation 20° ÷ 0° ÷ 30°

Fisiotek HP2 demonstration from RIMEC
Fisiotek HP2 demonstration from RIMEC

Programmable Functions

• Speed in both directions: min. 1,59sec. max. 3,5%/sec.
• Work time duration
• Automatic increase of the a
mplitude of movement on both limits
• Pause in both movement limits
• Warm-up cycles

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